In brief

The Happiness Index is a Human Insight Partner that uses data and insight to help you build a thriving work culture. Matt Phelan "Head of Happiness" wanted a scaleable messaging solution to host his community of "HR Punks" (leaders in HR roles). The community ran on WhatsApp but the solution was proving difficult to manage as the community grew.

The Opportunity

Matt Phelan's HR punk community began as a few drinks with HR professionals at a pub. As the meet-ups started to happen more frequently, Matt quickly set up a WhatsApp group to let the group know where and when the next meets were. And as the community started to grow and become more formalised, Matt wanted to find an alternative messaging solution that maintained the initial community feel.

WhatsApp groups can work when everyone in the group knows each other, but become difficult to manage in larger communities or where the members do not already know each other. New joiners had no clue what the group was for and data held on local devices on WhatsApp meant that new joiners were not able to see the past history of the conversation. WhatsApp was not a scaleable solution.

Guild's Solution

Matt now hosts HR Punks on Guild. He can confidently build the HR Punk community with the assurance that members derive value from the group as the community grows.  

Professional Profiles

Guild's professional profiles ensure that as the community grows, members of the group can continue to build relationships with each other.

Knowledge bank

Guild's cloud solution ensures that whenever a new joiner accesses the group they are able to see all the messages and content sent before they join. Which means all members can access a knowledge bank of information accrued from interactions within the group.


Matt can grow his community whilst maintaining familiarity amongst the group. Guild has no cap on the number of members that can be invited into a group.

If you are a HR professional contact Rosey Jarvis to be a part of the group at [email protected]

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