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PR Moment founder Ben Smith invited Michelle Goodall, Chief Marketing Officer at Guild, to explain community for business and B2B audiences, how to define an online community and what skills a good community manager needs to develop.

Michelle has more than two decades of experience in digital, marketing, community, and comms roles, both in-house as agency.

She explains how traditional PR skills are extremely transferable and how PR and comms professionals should quickly grasp the opportunity to skill up and build successful communities for clients and for their stakeholders.

The “How to build a community” episode covers:

The difference between networks and communities – definitions, examples and how B2B networks and communities differ to B2C

The different types of community – the 5 P’s of community, and where readers, social media followers and newsletter subscribers fit in

Why PR professionals should grasp the opportunity that community offers - in terms of professional upskilling and creating profitable services for clients

Deciding if a community is right for your organisation – is it always a good idea to build a community and should you have more than one community?

The mechanics of building a community – choosing channels and platforms, planning and delivering content, and identifying the skills and people you need for a successful community

You can listen to the full podcast below or on the PRMoment website

Learn more from Michelle Goodall and other leading community experts at Guild Community Summit

Michelle Goodall was part of a stellar line up of global speakers and community strategists, specialists and leaders, including Venessa Paech, Marjorie Anderson, Rosie Sherry, Zoe Scaman, Ashley Friedlein, Blaise Grimes-Viort, Stephen Pobjoy and Mike Joslin at the first ever in-person Guild Community Summit in May 2022.

100+ community professionals were able to be part of the unique live experience. However, you can catch up with some of the content and find out how to access videos and presentations in this round-up of Insights for community builders and community managers from the Guild Community Summit

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