This list comes CREO: 700+ event organisers around the world

We set up the CREO (Coronavirus Response for Event Organisers) group on Guild to support event organisers. It went live on 3 March 2020, two weeks before the UK's first lockdown began. There are now over 700 event organisers in the group and it is wonderfully active, useful and engaged.

From that group we have crowdsourced a long list of the 'usual suspect' event tech vendors you might want to consider. We have categorised them by event type. The vendors are listed alphabetically. Many of them could belong in multiple categories but we have placed them in a single category to keep it from being overwhelming. We will update/refine this list over time based on feedback.

NOTE 1: This is focused on B2B events but mostly transfers to B2C events also.
NOTE 2: The CREO Manual contains more details on all of below.

1. Webinars

Presentations, ~variable no. attendees, ~hour(s) duration, possible breakouts, free/marketing or member benefit and can be sponsored.

2. Roundtables

Peer knowledge exchange, ~100 attendees, half/full day, single track, delegate fees/member benefit/sponsors.

3. Summit (Forum, Symposium, Assembly)

Expert content including peer knowledge exchange, ~100 attendees, full day, single track, delegate fees/member benefit/sponsors.

4. Conference (Convention, Congress)

Industry content, ~100s attendees, full/multi-day, single/multi-track, delegate fees/member benefit/sponsors.

5. Festival

Industry content, ~1,000s attendees, multi-day (and often multi-location), multi-track, delegate fees/sponsors.

  • As part 4 above: just larger/more complex

6. Expo (Trade Show, Fair, Exhibition)

Buyer-seller/booths + possible virtual expo, potentially 10,000s attendees, multi-day, multi-track, largely sponsor funded.

7. Awards

Tech dedicated to awards including judging process etc, ~variable no. entrants/attendees, ~variable duration, multi-category, free/paid entrance + sponsorship.

Use Guild with your event community

Guild allows delegates, and the community behind your event, to have conversations  and networking before, during, and after the event. Chat and messaging otherwise 'evaporates' as soon as your virtual event is over. Use Guild to provide year-round engagement and add value to sponsors as well as attendees.

Case studies on how event organisers are using Guild >>

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