Book recommendations are a staple of any professional online community. We trust the judgement of our peers and we want to learn from each other.

Professional community members on Guild often share tips on the best new books and genre classics. Guild members also include authors of best-selling business books, including Rich Leigh, Catherine Weetman, Richard Millington, Kate Hartley, Shereen Daniels, Stephen Waddington, Thomas and Penny Power.

We decided to ensure these reading recommendations don’t get lost by creating a Guild virtual bookshop. hosts the book lists that we create from our communities. As well as supporting independent booksellers, all commission from sales will be donated in full to Bookmark, the child literacy charity.

If you’re stuck for reading matter or want to buy a gift for a professional contact, here are the recommended reading lists from Guild communities.

Community building and online communities - recommended reads and books authored by members of the Guild Community Collective and Professional Community Leaders communities on Guild

Comms & PR Pioneers community recommendations - recommended reads and books authored by members of the Comms & PR Pioneers community on Guild

Delivering Sustainability in Your Business - a sustainability reading list including books authored by Delivering Sustainability in Business community host, Catherine Weetman

Behavioural Science for Marketing and Comms professionals - the best books on behavioural science

Building Inclusive Cultures - a reading list to power inclusive thinking, action and cultures

Building Better Business - a reading list from ethical and forward-thinking business leaders from our Building Better Business series of interviews

General reading recommendations - business books recommended in other groups by professionals who want to lead, connect and communicate better

Are you an author of a business book? Would you like to see your book included?

Or are you a keen reader looking for business related book recommendations?

Guild has a community just for you - join Best Business Books and share your favourites or ask for feedback.

We want to keep growing this resource. If your Guild community has a reading list and you’d like us to create a dedicated one for you on our shop, we can help. Message Vanessa on Guild. Any affiliate commission will go to our chosen charity.

Disclosure - if you make a purchase through one of the links above, Guild may earn commission from All commission earned will be donated in full to child literacy charity Bookmark - find out more about Bookmark.

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Building Inclusive Cultures

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Delivering Sustainability in your Business

Future of Work

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