In brief

B2B Marketing give B2B marketers tools, insight and inspiration they need to grow and succeed.

They support senior marketers and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) by providing guidance through events, content and training.

B2B Marketing have set up and host a peer-support network on Guild, the GDPR compliant professional messaging platform, to facilitate peer discussions about the challenges of running a marketing department.

In under 6 months this community on Guild has over 100 active B2B marketing leaders. The community is highly engaged and has monthly physical meet ups.

The Opportunity

Adam Harper heads up B2B Marketing's 'Leaders Programme'.

Prior to the introduction of their digital community offering, Adam ran regular events for 'Leaders Programme' members.  However, the schedules of senior marketers are often hectic, which meant there were extended periods when some members had to miss events.

Those who couldn't attend events regularly felt that they got less value from being part of the programme and missed out on peer networking opportunities.  

Regular meet-ups was also a challenge for members based outside of London, for whom travelling to attend events was a significant investment of their time.

As the CMO community started to grow, delivering ongoing value, ensuring members were engaged throughout the year - not just during the events, and retaining members became more challenging.

How has Guild helped you and others at B2B Marketing?

After researching online community platforms, B2B Marketing chose Guild for it's ease-of-use, simplicity, community management features and the ability to brand the messaging environment.  

Adam Harper explains:  "A Guild community creates something for our members 24/7, 365 days of the year. It's a service that is genuinely useful to them.  Their peer-to-peer insights and their membership of that community is something that they really value and will always have. All the community members are really engaged throughout the year, not just during events.

It also means that I can really listen to our community every single day of the year. Listening to all the challenges that are being discussed in the group gives me a much better understanding of their marketing 'pains' as well as their successes and opportunities.  This has helped us think about how to help them with those things in the future."

What do you/they like most about Guild?

Adam continues, "I like its immediateness and cut through. One of the running jokes amongst the community is just how big their unread emails are in their inbox. Getting information that is helpful online and is genuine is difficult."

"Having something that circumvents the noisy spaces of the internet is great and we can achieve that with Guild.  We have a direct link to our community and they have a direct link to each other."

Do you have any advice for any other B2B community strategists and community managers?

Community Managers and Community Strategists are a critical bridge between an organisation or brand - and the members of the community they create and serve.

As a successful B2B Community Strategist and Community Manager, Adam has advice for others:

"One thing that I’ve learnt and I always recommend to people is to remember that you have two ears and one mouth. As a Community Manager, communicating what’s going on, in your business is important.

But if you want to really add value to your business, listen and understand what's going around you then collate it to make it into something useful. You can drive parts of your business strategy through understanding your customers much better in communities.

This knowledge is where you can really start to impart some value. Listening is where the real magic is!"

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