Happy #CMAD everyone!

Founded 10 years ago in 2010 by Jeremiah Owyang, Community Manager Appreciation Day has been renamed Community Manager Advancement Day for 2020 to highlight the strategic role that community plays in organisations.

Over the last few days we've been celebrating Community Managers who work tirelessly, often without recognition, and the value that they bring to organisations.

Our three featured Community Managers have successfully developed and grown communities on Guild.

Today we are featuring Tracey Stevenson.

Tracey is the Community Manager for Legal Support Networks and she runs a number of successful Special Interest Groups on Guild.

The members of these professional groups work in finance, IT, knowledge management, technology, HR, risk and compliance, practice management and marketing and business development.

Many of these professionals are responsible for delivering change and transformation within their firm and benefit from peer support communities and quick collaboration to support their specific roles and business challenges. They also benefit from the face to face meet-ups organised through Guild by Tracey.

Here is a detailed overview of one of Tracey's Guild communities Legal Support Network Special Interest Group for finance systems leaders on Guild

Tracey shares her thoughts about how to create and maintain a successful community. She also praises Guild's simplicity and privacy-first advantages for community managers (and members!).

Tracey Stevenson, Community Manager for Legal Support Network Special Interest Groups, shares a community management tip for #CMAD

What do you think are the most important building blocks for a successful online community?

"Active engagement from both sides. The ability to listen to and act on feedback from the community.

Sometimes you need to act proactively too, you can't expect engagement to happen without a little push, especially at the start of the community."

Do you think there is a difference between an online and offline community?

"Yes, but the main principles of a community still holds in both communities like: trust, reciprocity and purpose.

What is the role of a host in your community?

"To keep the conversations flowing and react to any requests adding value where possible."

How has Guild helped you nurture your community?

"Creating conversations and connecting people in a simple way.

Senior leaders want a simple and private way to communicate, so if you can facilitate that on any community platform you are using, then you are onto a winner."

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