CREO (Coronavirus Reponse for Event Organisers) is a peer support group for event organisers around the world dealing with the shift to virtual and hybrid events.

The group has over 1,100 members: mostly event organisers but also professional membership associations for event organisers and event specialists around marketing, PR, tech, legal, production etc.

How to join CREO

If you are an event organiser, event-related expert, or know someone who is and might benefit from joining CREO then go to the page below and request to join (the host approves all new joiners):

Resources document free for all

The CREO community has also crowd-sourced a document (the "CREO Manual") to capture the advice, resources and insights generated by the group. This is publicly available for anyone to read and share and can be found at

The document is being updated all the time by the events community and contains over 50 pages of useful information across:

  1. Official data & guidance
  2. Comms, PR & crisis management
  3. Running a digital event - best practice tips & advice, including DE&I resources such as DICE
  4. Tech for virtual conferences, summits, expos, trade shows, fairs
  5. Tech for webinars, virtual meetings, conversations, video conferencing
  6. Tech for matchmaking / networking
  7. Tech for running awards
  8. Tech for video recording and production
  9. Tech for landing pages
  10. Logistics & venues
  11. Financial mitigation
  12. Insurance & legal
  13. Health & Safety
  14. Other resources

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