We know the best way to understand how something works is to try it out for yourself!

Guild is the world's best messaging app for business. As easy to use as consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp, but built for professional use.  

Experience what it’s like to use Guild and be a part of a Guild group, ask us questions and learn how Guild works by joining our 'Welcome to Guild' Group.

Join the 'Welcome to Guild' Group

You'll quickly find that Guild is as easy to use as WhatsApp and other consumer messaging apps.

Professional Messaging App Guild - Welcome to Guild group

But you'll also discover some elegant differences - such as threaded conversations and professional profiles. Guild is a privacy-first messaging app, is GDPR compliant and there are a number of differences between WhatsApp and Guild.

Join the 'Welcome to Guild' Group here to see for yourself: https://guildco.page.link/8UzvhMQPd9kKKTCj7

It's not like Hotel California...

...you are free to leave the 'Welcome to Guild' group at any time!

But while you are there, please read the pinned post, ask us questions, give us your feedback, get what you need...and then go and set up your own Guild Groups.

Will I see all of Guild's features on this group?

Not quite.

Guild's Business and Enterprise versions have admin functions and analytics. You won’t see them on this public group as you join this group as a Guild member, not an owner or admin. Do contact us if you'd like further information or a demo.

Try Guild for free today

See how easy it is to set up and scale private, GDPR-compliant professional messaging groups, networks and communities.

Our pricing and plans page gives details of  cost and what you get including custom-branding, analytics, admin, support, access to conversation and user data etc. We’ll also give you a free onboarding call to walk you through the product and answer your questions.

Simply click on ‘Start Free’ on the Business version to start your 1 month trial and we'll be in touch.

Contact us if you want to know more or have any questions.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash