In these 'Ways to use Guild' articles, we're featuring examples of what Guild users have created with our ad-free, private, professional messaging groups and community building platform.

In this article, we look at how Guild can be used as a part of the 'training technology stack' and add value to learning and development.

Virtual and post-workshop learning messaging group

The average employee receives $1,252 worth of training and development a year. Whilst much of this is face-to-face learning in classrooms, digital acceleration in training methods has quickened in 2020.  

Virtual learning reduces training costs as learners do not have to travel and physical venue costs are not incurred. The move to virtual training has also been driven by organisations looking to improve the accessibility, impact and measurability of their learning and development budgets.

Guild is an important part of the 'training technology stack', regardless of whether training takes place in a physical classroom or a virtual environment.

You can create private, branded messaging communities for cohorts of learners within minutes, ahead or after physical or virtual training using Guild.

Guild is being used by training and learning development providers, consultants, associations and member organisations to set up private and GDPR/CCPA compliant virtual classroom messaging/chat groups.

These professional branded groups can be set up in minutes so that learners and trainers/teachers can collaborate and connect outside of the virtual or physical learning space.

Guild's threaded messages allow learners, trainers and learning providers to connect and collaborate outside of the virtual or physical classroom.

Benefits of setting up training and learning online groups communities in Guild

Here are some of the benefits of setting up training and learning groups in Guild:

  1. To create a sense of community amongst the learners
  2. To provide a private GDPR compliant space where learners can collaborate
  3. To provide a professional environment where learners can discuss their challenges, progress and solutions
  4. To help members journal and discuss their personal learning journey with the group or via direct messaging to the training leaders
  5. To enable trainers to send pre- training reading, resources or videos to learners
  6. To allow trainers or learners to uploading or linking out to videos, reports, guides and additional reading for learners to supplement learning during the course
  7. To set assignments, homework or tasks
  8. To set topics for further discussion and debate amongst the group
  9. To host AMA or Q&A sessions with lecturers, teachers, trainers and experts to supplement learning
  10. To create smaller discussion/chat groups or sub-groups within a learning cohort

A Guild Business account has the follow summary features and benefits for learning and training providers who want to set up groups:

  • Simplicity - set up branded private groups in minutes
  • Control - create/close groups, create sub-groups, edit group details and brand groups, assign hosts and admins, view group members, moderate discussions, pin and feature threads etc.
  • Analytics and Measurement - see at a glance how well your group is doing. Access group and user engagement data, and group conversation (not DM) data, for analysis and compliance.
  • Prestige - Send/manage elegant member invitations - from within the app or by a unique invitation URL/link.
  • Support - our friendly support team will help you get on-boarded and started and continue to support you in app or via email

Are you a looking for a better way to support your training and learning development?

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