Barney Loehnis on digital transformation in professional communities (Part II)

Part two of Guild's interview with Barney Loehnis, covering the relationship between the digital and physical workplace today. Digital increasingly means nomads and remote working, but not all companies have embraced this change. Why is it so important that they do? Some aspects of mobility are right for all companies,…

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10 of the best coworking spaces in London

Finding the right coworking space is an important first step for smaller, emerging professional teams. The architecture of an office can be a catalyst for collaboration, inspiration, and innovation. Coworking spaces are increasingly popular because they understand this potential, offering a made-to-measure balance of structure and spontaneity for companies still…

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What does the future hold for marketing agencies?

Agencies have been having a tough time lately. With brands increasingly moving functions in-house, Brexit causing uncertainty with marketing budgets, and fears of a recession and a general tightening of belts all around. Plus, the almost weekly prediction that the agency model is dying. But the future isn’t as…

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