Messaging as a medium is exploding.

Messaging apps are growing at a faster rate than social media - but it’s currently unmanaged and not legally compliant in many workplaces across the world.

Guild, in partnership with London Research, has launched a new 50-page free to download report and guidance document ‘Mastering Messaging in the Workplace - How to Communicate with Messaging at Work’.

The report has been developed to help professional users of messaging apps to understand the opportunities and risks of messaging and to get the very best from this exciting growth medium.

Download PDF of report >> Mastering Messaging in the Workplace

What is covered in the 'Master Messaging in the Workplace' guide?

Based on a series of interviews with internal communications, digital transformation and corporate governance experts , the report:

  • Provides clear definitions for messaging in the workplace
  • Highlights use cases for messaging in the workplace
  • Introduces a new communications model to help organisations effectively frame how messaging tools can improve internal and external communications
  • Considers whether messaging can improve productivity and foster a culture of sharing and communication
  • Considers security, privacy and compliance pitfalls associated with the rise of  shadow IT and ‘dark’ workplace messaging on unsanctioned consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp
  • Looks at the need to develop new workplace guidance as well as rules and behaviours as the professional communications channel mix adapts to include messaging
  • Looks at the rapidly evolving market for workplace messaging and highlights vendors of some of the leading business messaging tools.

Guild's Head of Marketing, Michelle Goodall, explains why the report was published:

Messaging in the workplace today feels very similar to the early days of social media.

"Some organisations have quietly created highly effective messaging strategies and guidance for their employees, but others are not taking seriously the possible costs to the business if data privacy, regulation or corporate governance is compromised.”

She continues, “The report contributors are senior experts in internal communications, PR, digital transformation, business strategy, operations and corporate governance. They, and many communications experts that we speak with, say that workplace messaging definitions are muddled and messaging isn't always integrated into wider business strategies and practices. These issues were the primary drivers for the research and the report.

We’ve looked at the wider organisational context for messaging, including the need for audits, ‘etiquette guides’, employee wellbeing and a ‘right to disconnect’ from work notifications of all types.

The aim is to help businesses and individuals to get to grips with messaging and fully realise its potential.”

Time for a new communications model?

The report also introduces a brand new communications model, the  ‘Hierarchy of Messaging'.

As more digital tools are added to the internal and external communications mix, such as project management, workflow communications, messaging and video conferencing, we need to clarify what kind of messaging is best suited to particular purposes or needs.

The model is a helpful way to frame thinking around what medium to use when, and why, and when it’s appropriate to ‘hand off’ to another medium or channel.

View high resolution version >> Guild's Hierarchy of Messaging

Hierarchy of Messaging Model for workplace communications

Guild CEO and Founder Ashley Friedlein notes: “We encourage you to share and adapt this model for your business. We also welcome feedback (contact Guild) so we can update and refine it.”

Report contributors

Guild would like to thank the following experts for their help in producing this research:

  • London Research
  • Eva Appelbaum, Co-Founder and Director, Arc
  • Annabelle Dudman, VP Global Head Business Planning, PlayStation
  • Ashley Friedlein, Founder and CEO, Guild
  • Michelle Goodall, Head of Marketing, Guild
  • Andrew Hubbard, Group Head of Channels and Content, National Grid
  • Rachel Miller, Director, All Things IC
  • Martyn Perks, Digital Workplace Consultant
  • Larraine Solomon, Managing Director, Inspiring Conversations
  • Jeremy Swinfen Green, Digital Strategy and Governance consultant and author, Digital Governance (Routledge 2020)
  • Jo Vertigan, Managing Director, Obidos Consulting
  • Marc Wright, Founder, simplycommunicate

Download PDF of report >> Mastering Messaging in the Workplace

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