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Michelle Goodall, Chief Marketing Officer at Guild was interviewed recently. She spoke about how creating a community can help B2B brand growth; ‘belonging & purpose’ in brand building; core principles for B2B brand-led communities, how communities can inspire creativity in B2B marketing and lots more.

You can listen to the whole session online here or below.

Key topics covered, with approximate timings, are:

0.45 - Intro to Michelle Goodall and Guild

1.20 - What does “being a bit more Don Draper" mean to you?

3.00 - What is Guild? Mobile first, user-friendly professional networking and private professional communities

4.00 - What’s involved in growing a community user base for different professional sectors?

6.15 - How can creating an online community help B2B brands grow? Moving away from social media “walled gardens”, tracking brand sentiment and shifting behaviours

8.10 - The core principles of building communities for B2B marketers  - Purpose, value, good community management and stewardship

10.00 - Why engagement isn’t everything in a community: why the foundations of community are kindness, giving more than you expect back, and service - doing good and spreading the word

13.00 - The importance of belonging and shared value in communities, and why niche communities can be more effective

15.30 - What is critical mass in communities? The Dunbar number, addressable target audience, VIP communities and building best practice before seeking growth

17.00 - Balance, strategies and tactics in long-term brand building vs short-term sales activation

19.30 - Which is more important - the idea or the execution? Embracing your 'weird' and finding inspiration - how Guild can help drive creative insights

22.20 - How do you make decisions about when to 'entertain and charm' and when to cut to the chase and make rational decisions

24.30 - Rapid fire questions including why an excessive focus on data is bad for B2B marketing and what Don Draper would do about it

26.20 - Recommend one book - Julian Richer: The Ethical Capitalist

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SaaS Marketing Leaders is one of many Guild communities that welcomes B2B marketers

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