In Guild's community trends for 2023 we highlighted that AI would impact Community building.

But could anyone have predicted just how disruptive AI would be in such a short time frame?

We invited global community experts Richard Millington, Venessa Paech, Blaise Grimes-Viort and Gregor Young to discuss the impact, opportunities and risks that AI brings and how it will shape community building today and in the future.

They covered:

  • Why AI is helping community builders ascend to a more strategic role
  • Whether AI will impact customer support communities more than communities of practice or passion
  • How Guild is integrating AI into its community platform
  • How AI is enabling new models of collaboration and co-creation in communities
  • Why community managers won't disappear! And which tasks will be automated to free up time
  • The 4 categories of AI that that support community building
    - reducing harm
    - automating burden
    - organizing meaning
    - deepening insights
  • How AI tools can support content moderation
  • AI's role in improving data, meaning and reporting to community managers
  • Questions around AI and diversity/representation
  • Whether AI will be a "required skillset" for community professionals

See the full recording here:

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