One legacy of rapid digital transformation in events has been the rise of interest in ‘community’.

But who is actually combining community strategy and events and doing it well?

Should you opt for a pop-up event community, or a year-round community to support your event?

Media, events and community expert Carolyn Morgan joined Ashley Friedlein to discuss how events + community can combine to drive results and ROI, best practices for aligning events to community and shared best practice examples.

They covered:

  • The business case for combining events and community, including hard and soft ROI metrics
  • Three big mistakes to avoid!
  • Guild Community Model -  how Content, Events, Campaigns and Learning can fit with Community
  • Examples of embedded event communities, pop-up event communities and standalone event communities
  • 30 best practice tips for combining events and community including event programming, promotion, networking, adding value for sponsors, maximising archival value and building anticipation for future events
  • Why it's dangerous to assume event apps create 'community' around your event
  • How to get buy-in for community + events from other teams and leadership
  • Why it's harder (but not impossible) to create buyer/seller communities
  • Examples of learning communities and the cadence you need for success

See the full recording here:

Carolyn is the founder of Speciall Media and has over 25 years experience in media and consultancy, across print, digital, TV and live events. She's an experienced community strategist and runs a community for senior media and publishing leaders, Speciall Media Group.

Ashley is the founder of Guild. A columnist, commentator and blogger, he speaks worldwide on community building and digital/marketing trends and best practice. He runs a number of communities including Digital / Marketing Pioneers and Professional Community Leaders.

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