AI, synthetic biology, 5G connectivity, blockchain, the metaverse, quantum computing, smart factories...

Even our language is struggling to keep up with the technology changes that underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

So do you need to be a rocket scientist to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow?

We invited Mike Weston, host of the Future of Work community on Guild, to demystify some of the terminology, concepts, models and frameworks that will confront us in the workplace of tomorrow.

He enlightened us on:

  • What is Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  • The context of previous industrial revolutions and how they affected our working lives
  • Where did the term Industry 4.0 originate – and is it reality or hyperbole?
  • The four core trends in technology that underline what Industry 4.0 represents
  • Tangible examples of emerging and existing Industry 4.0 technology
  • A long-term timeline of technology
  • Frameworks and models to help you understand Industry 4.0
  • The implications for the Future of Work for the world, economy, individual companies and humans
  • Disappearing and newly created roles
  • McKinsey's Scout, Shape, Shift model applied to Industry 4.0
  • How individuals can protect themselves with adaptability, learning and range
  • How organisations can protect themselves and their people with flexibility, agility and safety

See the full recording here:

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