Community-led Growth, Community-led Marketing, Community-based Marketing… Whatever you call it, there is excitement around how online communities can be used in B2B marketing to drive demand and deliver leads to power growth.

The tech/SaaS world may be the early adopters in this fast-emerging discipline but other sectors are doing it too, from professional services to membership and media organizations.

We hosted an expert-led webinar to learn how you can leverage online communities as a powerful tool for driving demand in products and services.

Our panellists Derek Weeks, Katy Howell, Matt Phelan and Michelle Goodall shared strategies to nurture and generate leads effectively, and explained how marketing and sales work together on community strategy.

They covered:

  • the "three orbits" of community-led marketing
  • why selling has little place in your community
  • the different types of community
  • misconceptions about community
  • where leadership teams get community wrong
  • why a focus on short-termism and "traditional" marketing can harm your community strategy
  • how community helps you understand your market
  • examples of community-generated leads

And much more!

See the full recording here:


Derek Weeks is a 4-time CMO / VP Marketing and author of Unfair Mindshare: A CMO’s Journey to Community-led Marketing in a Product-led World

Katy Howell is 'The Social Media MVP'. CEO and Founder of Immediate Future, she's an expert in social media, community and how an ecosystem approach to community and social can power demand generation.

Matt Phelan is Co-Founder of The Happiness Index, a SaaS technology business that helps organisations measure levels of employee engagement and happiness. It has a successful community-led growth / community based marketing approach that is admired by many.

Panel host Michelle Goodall is a community and network-building consultant. Over 25 years she has worked with many brands including Direct Line, Paramount and London2012, and developed, delivered and aligned community/social media strategies to marketing, sales and organisational goals.  


We invited selected sponsors to support this webinar, presenting quick-fire pitches to the attendees and panel. Watch the webinar to see how they did and find out about these brilliant brands and their offers:

Koos - Clare Sutcliffe explained how Koos offers technology that turns people who contribute to a company's success into co-owners and encourages contributors to stay around, without risk or legal hassle.  Head to the event conversation in Digital/Marketing Pioneers to see Clare's deck and get in touch for a free share from Koos.

Onclusive - Jack Richards explained how Onclusive's media intelligence technology and services help PR, comms marketing and insights practitioners to make fast and accurate decisions.

Common Room - Rebecca Marshburn explained how Common Room helps you  make sense of all of  buying signals by combining data from product usage data, collaboration, community channels, social media and more.  

oneninefive - Jordan Adams explained how oneninefive's expertise helps you create text and imagery that makes an impression in a world that's short of attention, and to make the most of community lead generation with personal, helpful, or authentic messages.

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