With almost every B2B marketer following the same playbook, it's time to develop a new play.

Community Based Marketing (CBM) can be that play.

Download PDF of 'Community Based Marketing – the new play in B2B marketing’ >>

But what is Community Based Marketing (CBM), who is doing it well and what does best practice look like?

To answer that, we interviewed 16 experts, including CEOs, CMOs, senior marketing strategists, authors/academics and community strategy specialists at the leading edge of B2B community design and development - and its alignment to B2B marketing strategy.

The role of community based marketing in the marketing funnel

What is covered in the 'Community Based Marketing (CBM)' guide?

In this guide, we look closely at community and make recommendations on how to use it effectively and successfully as part of your B2B marketing strategy.

We provide a clear definition of “Community Based Marketing (CBM)” and we also look at why 2020 has created ‘Perfect Storm’ conditions for B2B communities to flourish.

Our report features recognised expert contributors from vendor, agency and client side, all providing their own unique take on Community Based Marketing and the criteria for success.

‘Community Based Marketing – the new play in B2B marketing’ helps organisations understand the drivers behind the growth of community and the resulting opportunities and challenges. This report:

  • Defines Community Based Marketing (CBM)
  • Shows where CBM sits in the marketing funnel
  • Makes the business case for CBM
  • Gives you the success factors for CBM
  • Provides case studies of successful CBM in B2B marketing

Report contributors

Guild would like to thank the following experts for their help in producing this research:

  • Simon Andrews – Founder - Addictive
  • Brienne Berte – Director of Marketing – EFM Events
  • Mark Birch – Founder – DEVBIZOPS and author of ‘Community-In-a-Box: How to Build Event-Driven Professional Communities’
  • James Farmer – Co-founder – B2B Marketing
  • Dominique Farrar – Community & Communications Lead – Spendesk + CFO Connect
  • Nicola Fine – Head of Marketing – Zapnito
  • Ashley Friedlein - Founder and CEO - Guild
  • Randy Giusto - VP & Analyst Lead, Media and Marketing Intelligence and Strategies – Outsell Inc.
  • Blaise Grimes-Viort – BGV Consulting
  • Michelle Goodall – Head of Marketing - Guild
  • Katy Howell – CEO and Founder – Immediate Future
  • Susanna Kempe – Founder – Flying Trumpets
  • Mac Reddin – Co-founder and CEO - Commsor
  • Anthea Stratigos – Co-Founder and CEO – Outsell Inc.
  • Laura Templer – Head of Customer Success – Zapnito
  • Charles Thiede – CEO – Zapnito

Download PDF of 'Community Based Marketing – the new play in B2B marketing’ >>

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