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Six ways to improve internal communication

An organisation’s internal communication is something that has to be nailed down as quickly as possible. If not, employees and managers alike will soon find their emails and messages lost in the echo of a deep inbox. According to Towers Watson, companies that manage to implement effective communication practices

Seven young entrepreneurs to watch in 2019

There are more routes to success in the world of work than there have ever been. Modern professionals can be their own bosses, become apprentices, up-skill, skip university education, and start companies – and age is seemingly no concern. These seven entrepreneurs under 30 are testament to newly diversified pathways into

The rise of WeChat and its role in the workplace

WeChat is the communication and social app that rules the roost in China. Since its inception in 2011, it has been funded by the Chinese government with the generally accepted proviso that it can monitor all user activity. According to Ben Thompson, analyst and founder of the blog Stratechery, “there

Brand guidelines

Guild logo, badge, and brand guidelines – make your Guild group, network, community visible and easy to join.